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5 Anchors – Why?

Most people are in business to make a profit. Simply put, profit means making more money than you spend on the things you want.

Many business owners confuse profit with sales.

As a result, they cannot understand why their sales, in some cases high sales, are not getting the results they want.

The first step to increase profits is increased sales.

Most businesses are very good at tracking sales. Each sale is recorded in a book or spreadsheet or on a till roll.

That’s not profit. It is turnover. It’s what sales are being made.


The Answer

The 5 anchors are part of the 9 areas covered under the Active Business Support coaching programme. The programme brings over 50 different ways to improve each of the 5 anchors.

  • Sales Opportunities
  • Conversion Ratio
  • Client retention
  • Average transaction value
  • Margin

Over 250 specific approaches to addressing the challenges in improving your sales are available as we work on your business. This module will show you how small increases across the anchors will push your Sales through the roof.

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