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9 Steps – Why9 Step Approach

Many businesses are unsure:

  • of their current trading numbers or even what numbers should be recorded.
  • how to monitor business progress and performance.
  • where to focus the business efforts and cash.
  • how to recruit new team members.
  • how to really lead a team.
  • what to do to enable the business to operate without any one person (including the business owner) on a day to day basis.
  • how to scale their existing success to other branches or sites and other industries.
  • what options are available to them at various stages in the business development lifecycle.

The Answer

Part of the 9 Step approach is to consider how a business could hope to improve if its current state (one of the 9 steps) is not recorded. After all if the business were to improve or fall short there must be a measurement.

Once “state” is known the business would need to consider how it would monitor and “store” the ongoing business information. This is quite simple but different in every business. What Active Business Support have been able to establish is that there is always a relatively small number of parameters which reflect the trading position of the business.

Once the parameters within the business are recorded as part of the business activities then the business can progress to “specialise”. This is where the business brings in other aspects to the client buying decision. There are great benefits to be had here!

There are other areas covered in the 9 Step to business success:

●            “Step up” ●            “Scale”

●            “Staff” ●            “Sit back”

●            “Systems” ●            “Sell” (not for everyone)

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