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Quote of the Day
Only those who can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible!
Patrick Snow, Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

Are you ready to be totally successful?

This mini-assessment tool will help us determine your degree of need for a business coach to help you take your business to a new level; whether that means increased productivity, growth, industry recognition, or freedom from frustrations.

Tick ALL boxes that apply to you and your business.

Is there is a gap between my current situation and where I would like to be?

       Yes, and it is enormous.

       Yes, and I want to understand the gap and ensure I do what is needed to close it.

       I am not sure, I am just frustrated much of the time.

Self improvement and growth are important.

       I get great satisfaction and drive from self improvement and enjoy receiving objective, constructive feedback.

       To really be successful, I am willing to address problems and stop self-defeating behaviours.

       I am not sure how much change or growth I need.

I am ready willing and able to do the work required to get me and my business to where I want to be.

       Yes, and I will commit the time to move forward quickly. I want to maximise the results in the minimum amount of time.

       I should clarify what I need to do and what work to delegate.

       At this point I don’t know how I could find the necessary time/money

I have the motivation to work with a coach for a contracted amount/length of time.

       I know that business coaching is not a ‘quick fix’. I am willing to commit to a period of time to really develop my business.

       Family and other company leaders support the business coaching concept.

       I need to clarify the difference between a business coach and a business consultant.

If your ticks are in the first two statements in each section you have a vision of being successful and recognise what you need to grow and profit exponentially.  A business Coach can help you do that and a business health check is right for you.

If you ticked the third statement let’s talk about what’s missing that’s keeping you back. You should mention this to your coach when he calls you prior to the business health check or at the start of the business health check – you need a coach more than you know

Dont Give Up