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Patrick Snow, Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

What about my teams – can you coach/train them too?

Of course – coaching works well on a one to one basis and also in some cases in groups. You should discuss what would work best for your team. Training can also be offered on a one to one basis but is more usually offered to a group to keep the benefits high.

Active Business Support can bring you many different training solutions. Ask for a catalogue and see the scope of what is on offer from sales to purchasing, from telephone sales and support to simply managing change and teams. You can select a package of solutions to fit your needs and don’t forget to ask about the package discounts which come to you as a coaching client. You will be astonished and amazed at how much enthusiasm and commitment comes from the candidates.

As we are on the subject of team – Active Business Support can offer team evaluation tools to help provide you with a better insight into the opportunities for team development, recruitment, individual strengths, etc. If this is of interest to you bring it up with your coach.

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