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Quote of the Day
Only those who can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible!
Patrick Snow, Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

Won’t this just mean more work for me?

You are right there is initially a plan to set up and this will need effort from you and your coach but when you start to set and achieve your personal and business goals it will all seem worthwhile. Clearly if one of your goals is to free up some of your time we can focus on that straight away and ensure this is an early win for you.

During the initial setting up and as we complete the first few coaching sessions it will take some effort to adjust however as we progress into the programme then less effort is needed. You will become more focused and you will be amazed how much you’ll get done. With your renewed focus, the guidance of your coach and the tried and tested systems and solutions you’ll be achieving a great deal more with the same, or maybe less effort.

Where will I find the time?

The initial setup together with the first few sessions will be the hardest because you will be engaging in the new way of working and the new tasks which you and your coach will be working on. Your coach will soon show you how, on a day-to-day basis, to get more done in the same or less time.

Once we are up and running you will find that the new working style is just different and you will not be working more than before. If your goals include an aim to reduce the time spent in the business then from about month 5 or 6 you will begin to see the signs of change and you can begin working less than ever before.

What is important for you to remember is that it is about changing what you and your team do not about simply increasing the work load – we have to work smarter to be better.

Dont Give Up