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Dr. Napoleon Hill

Coaching & Mentoring Defined

Just about everything you ever wanted to know about coaching and mentoring

together with a little that you probably didn’t

First a very simple question ”Do I need a coach?”

Well let me quote Bob Nardelli the CEO Home Depot “I believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

In my view – YES absolutely!

So what is Coaching & Mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring enable people and businesses to achieve their full potential.

Coaching and mentoring are similar in a number of areas and it makes sense to list common aspects of each:

  • Assist in the exploration of desires, skills and needs thus enabling the individual or business to make real and permanent change.
  • Use professional questioning techniques to assist the client’s in identifying solutions rather than taking a direct controlling approach
  • Assist the client in the setting of goals and establishing an approach for the assessment of progress against these goals.
  • To introduce and assist in the application of tools and techniques, including one to one training, to better enable the client and the business to meet their goals.
  • To bring about commitment to activity leading to ongoing growth and change.
  • Never to be judgemental of the client, their views, lifestyle and aspirations but to establish positive regard for the client.
  • To ensure that clients develops personal skills and abilities and prevent the development of an unhealthy dependency on the coach/mentor.
  • To monitor the progress of the coaching programme and to ensure success for the client in achieving their goals.
  • To assist the client to improve competencies and to develop new skills on an ongoing basis.
  • Where able and necessary to assist in skills-transfer coaching.
  • To ensure the programme is appropriate to the client and neither too short, or too long.

So why would I need a Coach?

Coaches and advisors work with every great achiever, whether an elite sports person, a high flying business owner or a performing actor or singer.

Business now moves at such a fast pace and the changes within any given industry happen day in and day out. This means it is now difficult just to keep up with these changes. What a business coach will do is help bring you the new and fresh ideas in sales, marketing, and management strategies and on how to improve the business and the way you work. This will enable you and the business to progress towards your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A coach also brings an objective view of the business, unconcerned with many of the in house concerns, politics and positioning and therefore willing and able to ask the tough questions and give the unwelcome answers at times. Business owners today need objective and honest answers to serious questions.  In this respect a business can survive without the help of a coach in today’s world, but doing so really limits the ability to thrive!

Many would say that having a business coach is now a necessity of good business.

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