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Quote of the Day
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
Dr. Napoleon Hill

How are other business owners benefiting from coaching?

WOW – now that is a huge questions – results have ranged, for example, from owners working long hours (60-80 hours) being reduced to a handful as an when they choose through to massively increased valuations and exit situations together with business consistency in activity and stability in cash flow.

Working with an Active Business Support Coach will bring a number of things to your specific business:

  • Your coach will assist you in becoming 100% committed and focused on the goals you set together. Couple this with a structured approach to helping you achieve them and you will see extraordinary results for both you and your business.

Most small business owners work ridiculously long hours and are continually fire fighting in the business. They are trying to solve relatively simple issues and challenges that staff should have completed but end up doing the job themselves because they think that is the only way it will be done properly. It seems to the owner that it is impossible to leave the business and it not fall apart. All this for a very low monitory reward – let’s get real here – the owner should be getting a reasonable amount of cash from the business after all he owns it. There are time, which we all understand, when the owner needs to leave cash in the business and this is fine after all – HE OWNS IT.

In a small business we know that your team is very important and your coach will work with you to avoid the “just average” performance of a team. Once we show you have to recruit a great team your coach will go on to show you have to engage with them and build a truly productive team which can produce the goods you are looking for in your business. So finding great staff, building a great team within a reasonable budget is all within the coaching programme. Stop doing the work your team should be doing by speaking with your coach today.

At Active Business Support we know that time and money issues are the biggest problems facing the small business owner. Your coach will work with you to address this dilemma in a professional and constructive way – a way which adds massive real value to your business.

Your coach can show you how.

  • Your coach will very definitely hold you, and if needed your team, accountable regarding the tasks and achievements you agree together. This is not just with regard to the day to day operations of your business but also the increased activity and growth within your business you will experience under the coaching programme. Coaching is about investing in your success and the success of your business and your coach will help you get there.

Over the years we have collated hundreds of strategies to build revenue and profit as well as increased team performance. Your coach will teach you and your team, usually on a one to one basis, a great many of the approaches you and your business need (don’t forget there are literally hundreds).  It is not important to your coach whether your goal is about making more money, or reducing the hours you work, or both a little (or a lot) of each…your coach will show you how your goals can become a reality over the next 12 months.

Dont Give Up